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Quick Easy Garment Cleaning Guide, take care... good care.

Good garments need good care, 

Before you start.

All zips are to be closed, along with all velcro, flaps, and closures.

A good guide to when to clean, is after about 50 hours of wet use, or lots of dirt.


Chlorine bleach, it will damage the fabric.

Pre stain removers or detergents that are scented.

Powder detergents, Fabric softeners.

Use to much, a little does the trick.

Dry cleaning is NOT recommended, if you must then make sure they use a distilled hydrocarbon solvent for rising and then respray the outer fabric before driving.

Don't wash with heavily stained/soiled clothes, rinse mud off before washing.

Ironing, no steam, and no direct contact with garment.

DWR re-coating, wash ins are no where near as good as spray bottle re-coatings.


Read carefully manufacturers instructions. 

When  using a pre-wash treatment, make sure to rinse well. I always rinse twice, good advice.

Ironing follow manufacturer's advice. If you do use a towel on top of the garment.

Drying. Best is line drying, after its dry, take 20 minutes in a WARM gentle dryer. Do not use a hot cycle or you will ruin the garment, they can be burnt.

If your garments has a DWR (durable water repellent treatment) coating, which is often applied to the outer fabric, at the production stage.  After washing, a short warm tumble dry with be beneficial to the DWR by reactivating it.

If your garments have water, soaking into the face of the fabric, the DWR sprays should be re-added. When the garment is damp after washing, and double rinsed to make sure no detergent residue is present.  Sprays are better than the wash in variety as you are only coating the outside fabric, not the lining, leaving the breathability in tact.

Try not to spin dry, as this is how creasing occurs. If its too late, and its super creased, place a towel over the garment and give a light iron, without steam, this will get the creases out and help reactivate the DWR coating if it had one.

Anything else, please feel free to email, with your questions.


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