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Benefits of Good Ski Goggles

A good pair of goggles are essential

Snow enthusiasts do love their sunglasses and goggles as both protect their eyes from wind, light and other foreign intrusions. It is really vital to guard your eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays of the sun.

While enjoying mountaineering, skiing or snowboarding, do not forget to wear goggles.

Consider the best things about good ski goggles for your protection.

    1. UV Protection - The majority of all goggle companies developed 100% UV protective lens. However, there is a big difference when it comes to the light transmission VLT allowed in several mirrored coatings or tints. These coatings serve as the blocker of additional 10-50 % available VLT that makes them idea for bright days. UV intensity increases with altitude and protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays that will prevent eye fatigue as well as damage to your retina.

    2. Double Lenses - There are two types of lenses- the round and flat. These are lenses that curve horizontally or vertically. This two dimensional lenses reduces the visual alteration and glare while peripheral vision is compromised as well. On the contrary, spherical lenses offer a sharper, clearer visual experience. But double lenses creates a thermal barrier that helps reduce fogging significantly compared to the single lens counterpart, a single lens goggle just don’t cut snowboarding or skiing.

    3. Anti-Fogging - This is important since we are prone from small quantity of moisture and fog. There are three main advantage of anti-fogging technology:

      Most of the models now come with two lens system. It works as a dual paned window. The function of the air trapped between the lenses is to be a thermal barrier that makes it hard for condensation to produce inside the lens. 

      - Companies have designed anti-fog coatings that repels moisture

      - The vents let the air flow through them and dry any moisture that forms in the lens.

    4. Shatterproof - Shatterproof goggles can be important is it will enhance their durability and are suited for long term use. These goggles are especially good for kids who may often break things through misuse.

    5. Lens Colour- There is no danger in choosing cloudy vision of your goggle colour. There are various colours of lenses to choose from different brands of lenses, although one colour must match your jacket better, the use of each colour will filter light differently and it offers unique advantage in certain light and weather conditions.

    6. Helmet Compatibility - Your goggle should fit smoothly with the strap around the helmet and if they don’t fit to your face, you must try another model. Most goggles are helmet- compatible but there is some larger spherical goggles may have compatibility.

For the skiing enthusiasts, the above mentioned benefits for good ski goggles, which can be essential to help protect you from any environmental intrusions.

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